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Reviews and Testimonials


Our clients make it all possible; they are why we work so hard. We appreciate any and all feedback, and we are grateful to everyone who takes the time to write the reviews that keep us going and help us continue to excel in serving those who need it most: our clients and their families.

“Great people and elite service. Anyone who asks me for a recommended family attorney I refer them to Murphy & Dunn.”

– Jonathan Scheeler, May 22 2023

“Exceptional services! Ed, Lori and his team made diligent efforts and unwavering commitment to yield a positive outcome in the face of a challenging and high conflict individual.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism, expertise, and above all, your determination to fight for my spouse and I. You showcased exceptional skills in navigating through complex legal situations, and I am impressed by how you handled the case with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Your ability to stand up against a high conflict person with all their intimidation tactics was truly commendable. You remained focused on the facts and the legal process, even when it was difficult and stressful.

I sincerely thank you again for taking on Jacobs case and securing the best possible outcome. Your dedication and commitment have made a significant and positive difference in my life, Jacobs life, the kids, and I am forever grateful for your services.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding work.”

Brandy Allen, May 2 2023


“Simply great experience. Ed Murphy, Lori, and team were excellent and supportive. Took on a very difficult and contentious case and were able to help get an amicable outcome without going to trial. I simply couldn’t recommend this team more highly.”

– Jacob Scheer, Apr 30 2023


“I had the privilege of retaining the services of Murphy & Dunn for a child custody case, and I attribute my successful outcome in large part to the exceptional guidance provided by Alec Murphy. His timely and informative communication kept me well-informed throughout the proceedings, and his willingness to provide candid feedback helped me navigate the challenges posed by the opposing counsel. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm, as their commitment to client satisfaction and no-nonsense approach to legal representation are second to none. I remain deeply grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by Murphy & Dunn.”

– Sydney Chasten, Apr 18 2023


“Murphy and Dunn was an absolute blessing for me. The team is attentive, takes actions quickly, professionally and with great communication. I couldn’t be happier with the choice to hire them!”

– Heather Kern, Apr 17 2023


“Ed Murphy is a fantastic divorce attorney. He treated me with utmost respect and guided me in making good decisions. He made a really hard time in my life manageable.”

– Julie Knapp, Mar 21 2023


“I wanted to thank Ben Mills and his paralegal Beth Dockendorff for the expert guidance and support in my recent maintenance appeal case. From the initial consultation until the final agreement was reached, they kept me informed on the process and options and helped guide me through the legal process. Ben was very upfront on options and odds and walked me through cost/benefit options a couple times to ensure I was comfortable with the next steps and costs. I would highly recommend Ben Mills and the team!”

– Jeff Leber, Jan 16 2023


The entire staff at Murphy & Dunn is incredible. They truly care about their clients and the outcome of your case. They fight for you every step of the way. I can’t even begin to thank them enough for everything they did. Jeff is an incredibly talented attorney who fights to have justice prevail. Samantha was phenomenal throughout the entire process. She made sure that I was kept in the loop at all times. From their front desk to the attorneys, their care and passion for what they do truly shows. I will highly recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you all so much for fighting for me and my family.

– Marcello Yero, Jan 10 2023


“I cannot express how grateful I am to have had Mr. Murphy as my attorney. He was very professional and he has a team of outstanding work ethics. My divorce was very messy. My ex tried everything he could for me not to have a cent. After 40 years of verbal abuse, I can breath freely. Anytime I needed help, someone would return my calls with in a hour or so. They would inform me of any details or changes. Compassion, dedicated for the rights of women, a hard working firm. I can never repay you for giving me my dignity and peace of mind. God bless you and your team.”

– Dawn Ferre, Jul 19 2021


“Ed Murphy was amazing he acknowledged my needs as a Vietnam Veteran and finalized my case with his negotiation I would highly recommend him to anyone going through this miserable experience, now I am able to go and restart my life! Thanks Ed Murphy and Dina Johns!”

– Stephen Bottorff, Apr 21 2021


“People always ask why divorces can be so expensive, simple because they are worth it.. though this firm is extremely fair and their fees were definitely sufficient I have no complaints about the services or money spent. Candice M. Thomason and her paralegal Nathan were prompt, hard working, and professional. I highly recommend this firm and Candice M. Thomason. In my opinion they are the best around. You won’t be sorry for choosing them for your legal needs.”

– Cassie Brown, Dec 23 2020


“Highly recommended law firm!! My case was ongoing for almost 2 years. Ed Murphy resolved my case with favorable results in a couple months. After the case was closed the State erroneously began taking extra child support from my pay. Despite the fact that the issue was not the fault of the firm, Ed had his folks take care of my issue.”

– Brad Yakle, Jul 16 2019