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These practice area statements are provided by the attorneys from Murphy & Dunn and represent their thoughts on practicing law over the past 36 years in family law. They are not legal advice. They are a general overview of the law, with specific statutes cited for your review, and opinions on how they generally apply in divorce cases in Illinois. Each and every case is different.

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Mediation is the process of attempting to resolve your dissolution of marriage issues outside of court through a qualified mediator. However, mediation is not undertaken by your divorce attorney, but through a qualified third party mediator.

At Murphy & Dunn, P.C., besides being divorce attorneys, attorney G. Edward Murphy is also certified Family Law Mediator, able to undertake joint or individual mediation cases. Obviously, if we take the case for mediation, that would mean that neither G. Edward Murphy nor any other attorney with Murphy & Dunn, P.C. could act as the attorney for either spouse.

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Mediation would be completed by the spouses initially over a three hour time period, with both parties and the mediators working together to resolve all or a portion of the divorce case. The initial cost for mediation is $600.00 ($200.00 per hour for 3 hours of time). Each party would be responsible for paying ½ of the retainer at the first appointment.

Historically, mediation has proven successful in reducing the overall costs of the divorce process, eliminating or reducing the issues in dispute, and allowed the parties a quicker resolution of the issues involved. However, both parties must be motivated to want to resolve the case in order for it to be completely effective. Further, under new Supreme Court Rules, mediation is now required for all disputed custody and visitation cases.

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